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Good research begins with good questions.

These are just a few of the important questions I sought to answer...
What can you do to win instant trust?
How do you get anyones attention, no matter their status or prestige?
How do you get people to do what you want β€” without sounding pushy?
Do certain words scare people away from you?
Is there hope for someone with a "screechy" voice?
Why are some able to captivate while others fall flat?
How can you command respect from strangers?
How do you get people on your side?
What causes rejection AND how do you slip past it?
How do you stop an argument before it gets ugly?
How can you quickly determine a person's communication style AND adjust to resonate with them more effectively?
What can you put in an email's subject line to guarantee it gets opened?
What can you do to recover a lost relationship?
How should you respond to passive aggressive behaviors?
How can you sell your product β€” without coming across like a "used car salesman"?

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